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What Are Some of the Best Filters for Alkaline Water? 

Alkaline Water

Upgrading to cleaner, healthier water is a quality-boosting decision in itself. Making alkaline water the new normal has its benefits. However, choosing the best one from several water filters can be challenging. It can be tricky to decide what’s best, depending on your needs. So, here comes the help- allow this blog post to show you the […]

How Can You Pick the Most Suitable Drinking Water System? 

hydrogen water

A fresh, clean supply of water is what every family deserves. But that’s not what we get when contamination is in the picture. So, a better choice is to buy a good-quality water filter to remove harmful contaminants. And that’s how you can say hello to ionized, hydrogen water rich in natural minerals. But here comes the […]

Deciding on the Ultimate Water Filtration Solution: Faucet, Pitcher, or Whole Home Filters?

types of water filters

As you choose filtered water over bottled water, you make that cost-effective and convenient shift for your family. And that lowering of plastic waste is another good thing to add. But having a filtered water is not enough. With different types of water filters, choosing what’s best for your needs is vital. Among the different options, faucets, pitchers and whole home filters […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Water Filter for Optimal Performance?

how often to change water filter

The benefits of drinking pure water make you excited to buy a water filter. But you also buy with it the question of how often to change water filter. The possibility of bacteria buildup increases when you overlook filter replacement. So, it’s crucial to discuss the replacement needs to ensure long-term filtration benefits. Let’s go through some crucial aspects and look at the different filter types with their […]