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Filter types
Contaminants reduction Activated Catalytic Calchar
Calcium buildup (Soft water)
Taste & odour, organics
Rust & Sediment
Lead & heavy metals
Price $1,900 $2,100 $2,900
& Softener Softener only: 1,700$ $290 $290 $290
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Free Installation
100% Risk-Free, 30-day Trial
12-Year Warranty
0% interest payments
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Sorso water has numerous benefits for your family’s health, as well as your skin and hair, while extending the life of home appliances

Energy savings on heating up water

Softer hair and skin

Save 75% on soaps and detergents

Helps prevent dry skin

In the Media

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles. Finally a water system that delivers pure and HEALTHY water. The Sorso team was super friendly, professional and the water tastes sooo good. Thanks Sorso! Highly recommended.

Daniel Ferrari

I tasted the water from Sorso, Kinetico, and Culligan systems and Sorso had the best PH level so I decided to go with them. They also have a nice tap that shows when it’s time to change the filter.

Arlo Watson

We installed the Sorso mixed bed whole home water system and my hair is now extremely soft and luxurious. I used to have dry skin but this water really keeps my skin refreshed and moisturized. I really enjoy how the water feels and tastes. Would definitely recommend everyone to install.

Dorris Bennet

The quality of the water is very good. Not only does it taste good, it is also good for washing vegetables and fruits which last longer in the fridge. Staff as knowledgeable Service was prompt and efficient. Highly recommended.

Ivy Ho

We are so pleased with our whole home water filtration system. The Sorso rep was extremely informative, pleasant and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and followed up after a few weeks to make sure everything was satisfactory. The installation was done neatly and in a timely manner. It’s a great investment for a healthier lifestyle and would strongly recommend it

MLD Trucking

We decided to install a water system due to both my husband and child suffering from skin conditions. We are extremely pleased with the unit and its health benefits. The customer service provided by Sorso has been exceptional, from the initial call, to the installation, to the first annual service, great service overall.

Arminda Teixeira

First of all, I’d like to say that the customer service at Sorso is outstanding. They were so helpful and knowledgeable and helped me choose the filter for my needs. I’ve been using my Sorso mini for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier. The water quality is amazing, and I love knowing that I’m drinking clean, pure water. Thanks for this wonderful filter system

Myra D. Harris

Fabulous product! I’ve used many different water purifiers over the years, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever used. Above all, the customer service is excellent. I had some questions about the installation process, and they were more than happy to help. Highly recommend!

Mick Foley


Will this help with my dry skin?
Yes. Dry skin is caused by chemicals like chlorine which are present in all municipal sources of water. Sorso’s whole home water filtration system will give you chemical-free water at every tap in your home.
Do I still need my Brita?
Our system, like Brita, contains activated carbon that removes certain contaminants (depending on the type of carbon) so technically you have Brita quality water at every tap.

We do still recommend you install a sorso drinking water system as it will not only filter but purify and mineralise your water.
Why is it better to bathe/shower in filtered water?
Our skin is our largest organ, and when we shower/bathe we absorb any chemicals that are present in our water. A 30-minute shower is equivalent to drinking 2 litres of chlorinated water. Sorso’s Systems ensure a chemical free bath/shower protecting you from harsh chemicals present in your tap water.
Does your system affect water pressure?
Our systems are professional grade and will never affect your water pressure.

The riser (where the water passes through) is 1” in size which is larger than most homes pipes.

Our valves are high flow which allows a faster flow of water not allowing any flow restrictions.
How long does it take to install your system?
Our whole home systems will typically take 2 hours to install.
How much space does your system take up?
Our systems come in different sizes.

Size is dependent on the size of your home and family.

The size of a system for a family of 4 is 10”x54” with the potential of a brine tank(18.1x34.7) for salt if you install a softener or mixed bed.
What is the benefit of having a water softener system Installed
A water softener system will remove calcium from your water which will prevent spotting and calcification on shower glass, bathroom fixtures, faucets and glassware.

A water softening system will also reduce the amount of soaps and detergents you use by 75% and make your clothes last longer with brighter colours.

A water softener is also great for your hair and skin!
Do I need both a softener/Whole Home Filter and Drinking Water System?
To have a complete solution, we recommend having both systems installed in your home. One to protect your body from absorbing chemicals commonly found in tap water and your home's infrastructure and the other for drinking and cooking water and for making coffee, tea and ice.
Are all whole home systems the same size?
We always customize our whole home systems to your home and family’s needs, making sure you are getting fully treated water at every tap!
What do I require to have a system installed?
Systems are typically installed in a home's mechanical room. We install the system after the water main before the water gets distributed to the rest of your home, ensuring that your whole home is treated. To install your system you will need access to a plug, water main and floor drain.
What type of maintenance is required?
Water softeners require the addition of a 20 kilogram bag of salt or potassium once a month. They also require a rebedding once every 10 years. Whole Home de-chlorinators require a rebedding once every 4-5 years depending on your water quality.
How does Sorso’s whole home system differ from traditional systems?
Sorso offers high quality products with 12 years of warranty.

We are one of the only companies that offer Bone Char Carbon

which has a high absorptive capacity and will remove things like lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and by-products of chlorine.

Our softening resin is high efficiency, which means it requires less salt or potassium.

It also has a shorter diffusion path, which results in more rapid softening than traditional ion exchange resin.

This means superior toughness and durability and requires 50% less water to regenerate.

All of our valves also come metered, which means your system will backwash based on water consumption, not time.
Are all whole-home systems the same size and price?
No. We customize our whole-home systems to your home and family’s needs, making sure you are getting fully treated water at every tap!
Does anyone need to come to my home prior to installation?
No. We do not need to send anyone to your home prior to installation. We will ask for you to send a photo or video of your potential installation area.

Water quality is public information so there’s no need for us to come and test your water. If anyone comes to test your municipally treated water, it’s probably an aggressive sales tactic that we don’t support.
What maintenance is required?
Our water softeners are very easy to maintain, just add a bag of salt once/month.

A rebedding (Deep Clean) is required every 10-12 years.

Our water filtration system requires zero maintenance.

Rebedding is required once every 4 years.

Our mixed bed system is similar to the softener in that you need to add salt, but because it contains carbon you must rebed every 4 years.

All of our systems come with a 12 year warranty.
Do you all offer a Salt-free Softening Solution?
Yes. We offer a premium salt free solution.

All Salt-Free solutions include a whole home Filtration system (chemical removal).

Contact us for more information.
Do you carry Systems for Well Water?
We do carry systems for Well Water. We recommend getting your well water tested to help diagnose the issues you have with the water. After one our team members can help recommend the ideal product. We have UV Lights, Iron/Sulfur Filters, Softeners.

Technical Specifications for whole-home system

Standard System Size 10″x54″ up to 2500 sq ft. (Family of 4-5) 12″x52″ 2500 sq ft. and up
By-Pass Size ¾” ¾”
Brine Tank Size 14″x14″x34″ 14″x14″x34″
Total Height with valve 61″ 59″
Thermal Stability Stable to 500 degrees C Stable to 500 degrees C
Max Diameter 10″ 10″
Max Diameter 3/8 3/8
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